Proof Whiskey Aluminum Single Edge Safety Razor & Stand-Magnetic

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Welcome to the Future Of Shaving! The NEW Proof Razor with it's pivoting head and EZ magnetic bade loading design ensures a close, comfortable, fun shave! The unique design of this razor will significantly reduce your chance of ingrown hairs. Try it out and experience the difference! ***Now Includes a Beautiful Leather Travel Case!***


  • Magnetic Mastery: Strong magnets for a secure blade fit every time.
  • Pivoting Head: Glides along the curves of your face effortlessly.
  • Extended Grip: A longer handle designed for perfect balance and ease of use.
  • Flow-through Design: Large slots ensure hairs rinse easily without clogging.
  • Smooth Operator: Ridged cap design to minimize friction for smooth glide
  • Stand can be used on counter or suction it to your mirror to save space
  • Designed-Manufactured-Assembled in Boseman Montana, USA.


  • Proof Whiskey Razor
  • Leather Storage Travel Case
  • Storage Stand
  • 5 Double Edge Blades (10 Half Blades when split)
  • (the gift box is no longer included)

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Weight: .72oz-20g
  • Length: 4.4in-110mm


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mike Palmer
A smooth, comfortable razor

I find the Proof Whiskey SE razor to provide one of the easiest and most comfortable shaves I’ve experienced. In my case I am paring the razor with a Derby Premium SE blade. With this combination I’ve not had a single issue with tugging or irritation. Two passes (WTG & XTG) result in a DFS. I am retired, seventy-one, and see no reason to chase a BBS shave at this point in life. The Proof razor is great as is Shave Nation. Both are highly recommended.


A very mild razor. It is kind of hard to shave under your nose. I am using it to shave the dome as a final clean up after my leaf razor. It is a nicely made razor but mild even with half a feather blade.

Douglas Fletcher
Proof proved it

I admit it, I was skeptical. I'm a straight razor guy. Nothing Shaves like a straight razor. My other regular go to is a 40s super speed, which comes pretty close to a straight. Consequently, that's my Benchmark for safety razors. The proof razor I got in today gave me a head shave every bit as good as a straight, in less than half the time. I wasn't sure I was going to like it because it was so very light; I'm used to something beefier to shave with. But this light aluminum razor got the job done quickly and efficiently. It was so smooth, I wasn't even sure it was actually cutting hair. Instead it was gliding through and cutting off every strand at the skin. Going against the grain also didn't feel like it was doing anything but left me a baby smooth head. Worth every penny!

Great shave

Just had my first shave with the Proof razor and it performed very well. Easy to handle and the pivoting head did a really nice job. It gave a very smooth shave with no irritation.

Gunnar C.
It's different, but not bad!

I usually shave with a Henson TI22 (43,43,43,) or a Mühle Rocca R94. The High Proof razor feels completely different, but delivers a very comfortable and safe shave. No cuts, no blood. But for the Zen moment of shaving, I'll stick with the other two.

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