Pro Shave Brushless Shaving Cream

Pro Shave

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Pro Shave Brushless Shaving Cream and Beard Softener with Lanolin and Vitamin E.
The Ultimate in shaving creams!
  • Eliminates beard resistance. Conditions skin for a cool, smooth once over shave.
  • Acts as a nourishing soother against harsh shaving scrapers.
  • Helps make shaving a daily pleasure you will look forward to.

Barbers: Use as a pre-lather beard softener and conditioner. An after shave finishing cream.

Instructions: Apply Pro Shave with fingers to damp skin. Massage in. Shave as usual. Keep skin moist.

Ingredients: Filtered water, stearic acid,cethylsteryl alcohol, lanolin, glycerine,mineral oil, methyl paraben, fragrance, essential oils, ammonia water, pectin, vitamin e. May contain D & C red #33.


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