Parker SoloEdge Single Edge Safety Razor-MAGNETic

Parker Safety Razor

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NOTE: We have the newest version that features a small magnet (see second image) built into the base plate. The magnet holds the blade in place. This makes loading the blade and installing the top cap a breeze. A great improvement from the first version.

***IN STOCK-READY TO SHIP!*** The Parker Two Piece SoloEdge Single Edge safety razor is a precision tool that will serve you well for many years and is the perfect razor for new and experienced wet shavers looking for the blade angle of a cartridge razor with the benefits of a safety razor. This razor uses economical double edge blades snapped in half or Pre-Split Blades 100ct. These are low priced, plastic free, good for the environment.

What's more, once the blade is securely loaded in the slots it will automatically have the perfect exposure so there is no need for any adjustment. The angle is intuitive-easy to shave with, as it is similar to a cartridge razor angle in its design.

Excellent weight & balance with a sleek head design for tight spots, built in efficient shaving angle, less skin irritation, economical blade replacements, eco-friendly, plastic-free razor and replacement blades.

Razor Type: Two-Piece Single Edge SE Safety Razor 

Blade Type: Half of a Double Edge Blade or Pre-split blades Sold Here.

Material: Solid Brass Handle with an electroplated satin chrome finish (head is molded from a metallic alloy and chrome plated)

Included Free:  7) Presplit Half-Blades so that you can Test Drive a few blades to see which suit you best!

One Presplit Half-Blade Each:

  • 7AM
  • Derby
  • Lord
  • Parker
  • Perma Sharp
  • Shark
  • Sharp
Approximate Razor Dimensions:
  • Weight: 3.3oz-94g
  • Length: 3.9in-98mm


1. Twist the handle to unscrew the top cap of the razor. Please note that this is a two-piece razor, so the safety bar plate is an integral part of the handle.
2. After unscrewing the top cap, hold the razor straight (vertically) and load the *blade, ensuring that the two slots on each end of the safety bar plate hold the blade securely. The blade edges are sharp, so please handle with care.
3. Keep the razor straight and load the top cap again (twist the handle to screw the top cap back on). It is easiest to keep the blade secured by using one hand with a pinching grip to hold the top cap in place, while tightening the handle with your other hand. Once the handle stops rotating, check that the blade is secured, and the handle is tightened.

Enjoy a close and comfortable shave!

NOTE: A drop of water on the side of the blade will simplify blade loading by helping to hold it in place.


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