Parker PTB Shavette Razor with 7 Blades

Parker Safety Razor

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Parker Push-Type Shavette with Black Handles and 5 Shark Blades.
This Shavette features a new push-type blade loading system and a stainless steel arm and blade holder.
Will accept:
Any Standard Double Edge Blades (split in 1/2 to use)
Any Standard Half Blades sold here in packs of 100
To Load Blade:
Place thumb on ridges and push forward to expose blade holder
Insert (1/2) blade underneath oval tab
Slide blade upward so that two metal tabs are directly on top of blade.
Push blade compartment back toward handle as far as it will go
Check that blade reveal is even, adjust if needed.
*Do not contact sharp edge of blade when loading or unloading*
Drop in a blade and Get Your Shave On!
NEW:This Parker Shavette Razor includes ONE each of the following half-blades:
  • Derby
  • Lord
  • Parker
  • Perma Sharp
  • Shark
  • Sharp
  • 7AM Plus

This enables you to Test-Shave different blades to see which suit you best!


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
James W.
Parker PTB Shavette

Nice barber style razor… better quality than I expected. It also mimics the traditional straight razor spoon,which will prepare you for using traditional straight razor. The push type loading is also easy to use.

Theodore Q.
Great product from a great company

The razer is great I'm apprenticing as a barber and this is a great for it I can put a new blade in for every client for sanitation reasons but also works as a great when I want to choke up on the tip to give a great edge up.

Raul G.
Excellent. Very happy.

Very good experience. I like the “push type blade load”. It makes the razor very clean in appearance. Very good shave too. Recommended.

Teresa K.
Great experience!

I really love my Parker Razor, and I appreciate the personal service of Shave Nation. Look forward to doing more business with them!
Great education, awesome customer service. Thank you!

Perfect for Home and Travel

I'm really enjoying the Parker razor I purchased recently. I especially like the sample supply of various blades it comes with. I've been working my way through them, finding out which ones work best with my face and beard, and plan on ordering more.

This razor has become my new, daily, go-to shaver. I'm also creating a kit to make it my travel razor when I don't feel like toting a straight razor and strop. I've been very happy with my Parker so far.

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