Parker Black Badger Brush Marble

Parker Safety Razor

$33.00 USD 

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This 100% Premium Black Badger Shaving Brush with White Marbleized Handle from Parker Safety Razor is among the finest Black Badger Brushes on the Market.
*Oversized Handmade 22mm Brush Knot generates a rich lather
*100% Black Badger Bristles-Extremely Dense, Firm and Absorbent
*Generates a fabulous lather.
*Heavyweight Chrome Marbleized Handle with excellent balance and feel.
Includes a free acrylic stand to ensure proper drying and storage
Compares to brushes costing much more!
Approximate Dimensions:
  • H: 4.25in
  • Knot Size: 22m
  • Weight: 5oz
If you believe a great shave begins with a great shave brush, look no further, this brush is fabulous!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Albert R.
Solid Brush

Using the brush is great, it has a nice substantial knot that builds a thick lather. Scent went away after a few uses. The only thing I don't love is that I probably need a larger handle for my mitts but that a personal problem. Also, the "marble" seems to be a resin like material and there is a bit of a swirl which is a visual defect but minor, hence the 4 stars.

Quality brush for a decent price

I have had the brush for a year and use it 4 times a week. It is well balanced and I like the heavy base. It sheds occasionally which I have found to be typical with all the brushes I have had. The badger hair is long and is to long for my preference. When the long hair is full of cream it sloshes all over my fave with little control. I truly enjoy this brush and will buy another. I just isn't everything I've dreamed of in a shaving brush.

Christopher Smith
Parker Chrome & Marble Black Badger Brush

This is a great brush for a great price. The brush has a very dense knot with at great loft. Only things that keep me from giving this a 5 star rating is that when you first clean the brush, there is a lot of dye that runs off. This is a minor issue but I don't think the dye is really needed to begin with. The logo is printed cheaply and begins to rub off on the first use but again not a big deal. The last issue I found is that the brush carries a strong wet animal scent for a while that takes a few washes and uses to get rid of.

However, the brush is a great performing brush with a beautiful handle, great density, and so far very little shedding. I wish I would have invested in a decent brush such as this long ago. If you are starting out on the traditional shaving methods and want to get the best experience possible, invest a few extra dollars in a quality brush such as this. It will make a huge difference.

Ben Collins
Parker Chrome & Marble Black Badger Brush

I've been wet shaving with a safety razor for about 2 weeks and originally bought a cheap badger hair brush from Amazon. From the get-go I had problems with the brush shedding and I also had trouble building a good lather. Not the case with this beauty from Parker. Having used it twice now I can emphatically say it's a real treat to use. It builds a rich, perfect lather, doesn't have problems shedding, has a wonderful handle grip, and is just all around nice to look at. I highly recommend this product to those who are new to wet shaving, or veterans who are looking for a new brush or simply one to add to your collection. Thank you Geo for providing this wonderful product!

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