Norton Water Stone Honing-Sharpening Kit

Norton Stones

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This kit provides Straight Razor users a complete array of stones to keep your Straight Razors Shave Ready
Sharpening Stones tend to become concave or uneven after repeated usage and their surfaces require regular occasional re-flattening.
The coarse silicon carbide flattening stone in this kit quickly maintains and generates a uniformly flat cutting surface on each stone
The non skid molded cases for each combination stone are to be used as the Sharpening Station, which also acts as a water reservoir and a protective storage case for each stone as well.
This Norton Water Stone Kit contains the following Stones:

  • Coarse/Fine 220/1000 grit combination Water stone
  • Extra Fine/Ultra Fine 4000/8000 grit Combination Water stone
  • Flattening Stone/Coarse grit silicon carbide grooved
  • (Note: Kit no longer includes tool sharpening dvd)

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