Norton 4000-8000 Grit Waterstone

Norton Stones

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The Norton 4000/8000 is one of the most popular sharpening stones for straight razors.
Waterstones are synthetic stones designed to be softer than oil stones. These softer grade stones are used with water as the lubricant (versus oil) to develop fast-cutting slurry.
Stones may need flattening with some frequency.
Combination Stones provide double the grit and reduce the cost of getting started with Water stones, while providing a full selection of grits.
This stone is packaged in a sturdy plastic case which can be used to hold the stone when sharpening and as a water reservoir as well.
  • 4000 Grit: A fine grit that cuts fast but does not polish.
  • 8000 Grit: Provides a polished, smooth edge.
  • Sturdy case with rubber feet for sure-grip
  • Size: 8in x 3in x 1in

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