Norton 220 Grit Waterstone

Norton Stones

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Norton Water Stone 220 Grit
Norton Water Stones were created by a Norton engineer who is also a dedicated woodworker and bladesmith.
Norton Water Stones combine craftsmanship with the latest abrasive technology to produce a truly superior sharpening stone.
They are an excellent choice where speed and a razor-sharp edge are required.
Woodworkers, sportsman and great chefs have trusted Norton quality for over 150 years.
Now in an attractive hinged box to securely hold your stone when sharpening, the box also acts as a water reservoir during sharpening, and a protective case for storage.
  • Quickly sharpens damaged or neglected edges
  • Large Size - 8” x 3”
  • Multifunctional Case Included
  • Popular With Sportsmen, Chefs, Woodworkers & Knife Enthusiasts
  • Complete User Guide Included


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