Muhle R89 TWIST Safety Razor Closed Comb


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The Muhle R89 TWIST is an updated version of the R89 which was originally launched in 2010.
The TWIST cap can be released by twisting the end knob at the bottom of the handle.
This makes changing blades simple, quick and safe.
The TWIST features a longer and thicker handle compared to the R89.
With its engraved handle, the Muhle R89 TWIST has been expertly designed for control and comfort.
The closed comb head with moderate blade reveal is ideal for beginners as it provides an extremely close, yet comfortable shave.
Some razors feel just right in the hand and the R89 TWIST falls into this category.
Weight, finish, and balance, this razor has it all!
German made - quality assured - Remarkable value!
Chrome has been used in the manufacture of this double edge safety razor not only for its superb corrosive resistance properties, but also for its rich silver mirror finish.
Manufactured by Muhle, creators of world renowned shaving products.
Approximate Dimensions:

  • Weight: 2.9oz-80g
  • Total Razor Length: 4.2in-106mm
Made in Germany

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