Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor Long Handle


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The new long-handled version of the Merkur's popular Progress 2 Piece Adjustable razor. This top quality traditional razor offers the flexibility of blade adjustment, which allows you to change the angle of the blade inside the razor head.
Made in Germany by Merkur, world-renowned for their expert craftsmanship of razors and shaving utensils.
The Progress Long Handle Safety Razor is a throwback to traditional style shaving, with modern engineering to help maximize comfort and results.
Finished in polished chrome.
Approximate Dimensions:

  • 4oz-110g
  • 4.15in-105mm


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Merkur Progress Long Handle

Beautiful adjustable. The fit and finish are very good. The shave is the most efficient razor I have used. This is now my everyday razor.

David Tituaña
Awesome safety razor

I'm in wet shaving for around 10 months and I was using the Vikings Blade Godfather (Baili BR172) and for me it was difficult to get a good shave with no irritation. Obviously in the beginning it was my technique, but even though, I was not comfortable. I changed the original blades for a sample pack and it improved a lot. But when I changed the safety razor for this Merkur progress, it was a game changer. I'm so happy with the results and it is easy to use. I'm able to change the mildness or aggressiveness of the razor and get a perfect shave. Maybe the old one is too mild for me. Additionally, the speed and service of Shave Nation is superb as always. Happy to buy my shaving supplies here.

James K
Outstanding Quality!

Learning much from Geofatboy YouTube videos, thank you! His review convinced me to try the Merkur Progressive (long handle) and found I can really dial in the shave 3 ways: (1) couple days of growth, I use setting 3; (2) daily shaving I use setting 1; (3) I change blades weekly and toward the end of the week use setting 2 to compensate for blade wear. Having tried all the high end electric and online popular razors I was very frustrated with the irritation and razor bumps at the collar area bottom of the neck. Using Geofatboy techniques learned from the videos (including brush, bowl and the higher quality products on Shave Nation) and dialing in the shave with this Merkur Progressive razor and the Merkur blade I have the clearest skin and best BBS shave every time! Watch the videos, take your time while learning and it’s a great way to start the day- thank you Geo! Great service, fast shipping, careful packing - I will not shop anywhere else for shave supplies!

James K.
Outstanding German Quality

Best way to dial in the shave! If taking a few days of growth off, dial the blade gap up, for daily shaving I found I prefer setting 1 or 2 (of 5 with 1/2 step increments). Also I change blades weekly and find that 1 step higher at the end of the week perfectly compensates for blade wear. Extremely pleased with this Merkur Progress! Shave Nation video review of this product convinced me to try, Geo’s techniques really helping me perfect my results! Shave Nation service, speed, and careful packing are 1, I will not buy any shaving supplies anywhere else.

Dean R.
Merkur Progress

Love this razor. Getting bbs shaves with it. Have not got this close of shave in years.

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