Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor Travel Kit


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The Merkur Progress Chrome Adjustable 2 Piece Razor is one of the most popular razors in the Merkur Lineup. Simply twist the dial at the bottom of the handle to reveal more or less of the blade to achieve your desired shave. The Progress was the first in its class to incorporate the adjustable head for the ultimate in shaving comfort and control.


  • Standard length Progress razor
  • Plastic travel case with hinged lid
  • 10 pack of Merkur DE razor blades.
  • Uses all double edge razor blades sold here
Approximate Dimensions:
  • Length: 3.3in-85mm
  • Weight: 3.2oz-90grams

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Stephen M.
Excellent Recommendation

Just used for the first time and am very impressed. After watching Geo’s reviews I was convinced that this razor would be a winner. Jury is still out on the Merkur blades that came with it but they gave me an acceptable shave. Wasn’t sure on the overall length and was debating on the long handle model but the OAL is not a problem at all. Handle is a little slick when wet but nothing a little alum solves that issue. Thanks again Geo. The Shave Nation crew comes through again!!

Mark M.
Great Starter Kit For Safety Razor Shaving

I feel that this kit is a good start for a person just starting to use safety razors. The Merkur Progress is adjustable and I follow Geo's 5-3-1 approach to getting that super smooth shave. The case itself is useful for travel and also looks nice with the Merkur branding embossed on the casing. If you wipe your razor after use you can even store it in the case as a holder and just set it on your counter top. The Merkur blades have been fine, no issues. Overall I had no issues in using this razor and really love the design and weight of it. The quality is excellent and also easy to adjust and swap out blades. I did my research prior to making this purchase (thanks to Geo's videos) and I can highly recommend the Merkur Progress as a razor for beginners, travelers, and those looking for a nice "fatboy" style adjustable razor.


Gift for a new DE user.

Michael L.
Great razor

This was my first DE razor purchase. Gives a great shave. I’ll never go back to a Mach 3.

Shayne u.
Great service

Excellent dealing with them

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