Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor Set 4-Piece Polished Chrome


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This set contains: Merkur Futur Adjustable Double-Edge Safety Razor Polished Chrome Finish
This adjustable double-edge safety razor from Merkur allow you to change the angle of the blade inside the razors head. Simply twist the handle to one of six settings for a close, comfortable shave with less irritation and fewer ingrown hairs or razor bumps. It accepts all standard double-edge blades sold here.
    • Weight: 4.75 oz/135g
    • Length: 4in-100mm 
    • DOVO Silvertip Shaving Brush. Genuine silver-tip badger brush: produces a rich and luxurious lather. Polished Chrome metal handle.
    • DOVO Polished Chrome Stand for Brush and Razor with Matching Bowl with Etched Glass Logo.
    • 1) Puck of Colonel Conk Shaving Soap for inside the glass bowl

    All items Made in Germany.


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