Merkur Safety Razor Flat Bar Heavy 50 43C


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Merkur 50/43C Heavy Safety Razor with Chrome Head and Brushed Stainless Steel Handle
If you prefer your Safety Razor to feel substantial in the hand, this is for you!
Among the Heaviest of all of Merkurs double edge safety razors.
This 2 piece razor is about 4 inches in length and clocks in at around 5.3 ounces.
The benefit of this much weight in a safety razor lies chiefly in the fact that its weight pulls the blade through the whiskers to cut them.
There is no need to apply any pressure while shaving with this razor.
The blade should just melt through your beard effortlessly.
Uses all standard double edged razor blades.
Comes with one Merkur Platinum Stainless DE Blade in the box with the Razor.

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