Illinois Razor Strop #206

Illinois Razor Strop

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Illinois Hanging Razor Strop #206
This very affordable Double Razor Strop will assist in keeping your Straight Razors Shave Ready.
This strop is manufactured by Americas oldest production strop maker.
This Strop measures 2 X 20 and is actually two separate strops, one consisting of Prime Quality Leather, the second of Barbers Best Fine Weave Linen Finish.
Both the Leather and Linen strops have Stitched Leather Handles.


The manufacturer recommends that their leather strops be treated with FROMM Strop Dressing prior to its first use.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Usable Leather Length: 12.75in
  • Usable Canvas Length: 12.75in
  • Overall Length: 22.5in
  • Width: 2in

Manufactured by Illinois Razor Strop Co. USA


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