Gold Dollar 66 Straight Razor 6/8 Blade

Gold Dollar

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Maybe you're not interested in spending over $100 on a traditional style straight razor. We've added these to the lineup so you can give it a try and still be cost effective. You can get a feel for it, practice your stropping, honing, and shaving, then jump to a quality straight razor by Dovo or Böker, or Thiers Issard when you see fit.

Gold Dollar 66 Razor comes in a blue carton. The blade will have a thin coating of razor oil from the factory for protection. Carefully wipe the oil from the blade prior to first use.

  • Blade width is 6/8 and the razor weighs approx. 2 oz.
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • These razors are in stock for immediate shipment

Made in China

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