Gold Dollar 6/8 Blade Straight Razor

Gold Dollar

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Maybe you're not interested in spending over $100 on a traditional style straight razor. We've added these to the lineup so you can give it a try and still be cost effective. You can get a feel for it, practice your stropping, honing, and shaving, then jump to a quality straight razor by Dovo or Böker, or Thiers Issard when you see fit.

Razor comes in a handsome blue gift box with a magnetic latch. The blade will have a thin coating of razor oil from the factory for protection. Carefully wipe the oil from the blade prior to first use.

  • Blade width is 6/8 and the razor weighs approx. 2 oz.
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • These razors are in stock for immediate shipment

Made in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Robert D.
Honing it to shave

This razor arrived in better time than I expected. When I took it out of the case it had protective oil on it. After cleaning it off I then began to hone it. Using a 400, 1000, 4000, and finally an 8000 grit stone. The razor is now in good working order and is working fine. I do need to work it into a better edge but for now it is working fine,
Thank you for all the great products and the fantastic instructional videos.I will keep purchasing from Shave Nation.

Wayne O.
Honing Practice

For the price, a pretty good razor. I bought it with the intent of learning how to hone, set bevel, etc. on it, not to shave, though ultimately I will test out the success of my sharpening efforts with a shave or so.

Brad L.
Great razors for honing

I’m really surprised how great these are for practice honing. I love to hone, and find it therapeutic. Instead of experimenting on expensive razors, I got these. I’m definitely satisfied. The boxes are a neat addition too. The shipping was crazy fast. I’m definitely going to be buying my shaving gear from here going forward.

Excellent value

Yeah they are inexpensive however they are perfect for the the novice who is also learning to sharpen and hone so these are an excellent piece to cut teeth on.
The blades “sing” on just the right way and the blades are hardened well so they hold an edge and hone very well. In fact that exact model was what I first started with. Then I started collecting vintage English and German blades and got many of my friends into wet shaving so my first gold dollar was given to someone else and it was their first too. They aren’t as dignified as DoVo or as historic as Böker however as far as function is concerned they are darn near par to the DoVo Bismarck in my opinion. Great value for the novice or used for travel. Buy 3-4 while travelling so when you do gotta maintain the blades edge do them all at once and if you lose any it’s not quite as painful as losing a 500 dollar Böker.

Henry S.
Fantastic For The Money

It's a cheap razor and it shows at first. The scales aren't very sturdy though they still hold well despite the slowed opening of the razor. You may not easily flick this open and the plastic is lower grade but it stays. You're definitely going to need to put it on the hone for a while but once you do: wow. The blade sings very nicely and it's very easy to use. Following a good sharpening, this razor cuts very close without snagging or being uneven and I hate to admit it, but it actually leaves me feeling less irritated than my Thiers-Issard Super Gnome Extra after three passes. With the French blade it cuts well but I feel its angle needs to be very precise or you'll greatly irritate your skin. This blade being thicker is no muss no fuss and perfect for a beginner just starting out. In no time I had a BBS shave. That brings me to my other point: it's faster than you think and that's a good thing because you want your blade to glide. I had my doubts but I know Geo wouldn't steer anyone wrong with his store products and this is as good as it gets for a sub 50 dollar straight that's not a shavette. You won't be disappointed, just give it a good honing and strop it then you're ready to go. If you want a true budget razor, this one is for you.

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