Geo F Trumper Spanish Leather Shaving Cream Bowl

George F Trumper

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World famous glycerine based Spanish Leather Soft Shaving Cream in a 200g screw thread bowl.

Just a small amount produces vast quantities of rich lather.

Suitable for normal skin.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michael Dimaria
Happy Shaver.

My first time using Geo F Trumper shaving cream nice scent , lather I will purchase again.

Robert Bapst
Treat yourself

This soap is next level. The scent is reminiscent of Proraso Red, but the smell fills the bathroom. Pairs great with sandalwood aftershaves. Used it for the first time with the Shave Nation ceramic lather bowl. Must buy.

Glenn D.
Shaving in the palm of your hand

I simply used my hand as my “bowl” and then applied to face. Further lathered with brush, and had great shave.

Francisco H.
Such an IMPRESSIVE Gift!

This is probably the most expensive shaving cream I've bought. Ever. And mannn... SO TOTALLY WORTH IT! My brother-in-law was mind blown by the quality of this shaving cream, and the scent was out of this world - a very manly scent, I must say. Me and my brother-in-law have an obsession with with shaving, and I'm about to order some Geo F Trumper for myself, too, now. Definitely starting with this Spanish Leather one. I LOVE Proraso products, from their pre-shave creams to their shaving creams to their shaving balms AND Lotions (Splashes). I have them in ALL four styles/scents (White, Green, Red, Blue). I also have the whole set up from Rockwell [Barbershop Scent], and so far... this Geo F Trumper Spanish Leather has been my favorite SCENT! The feel is AMAZING! So worth it. Get two tubs. One for yourself and one for anybody else in your life that is even the least bit into wet shaving. You will thank yourself for it.

David C.
Wife loves the smell

I love the smell of this Spanish Leather, and of course, Trumper shaving creams lather up quickly and give me a very smooth shave.

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