Geo F Trumper Shaving Soap Wood Bowl Eucris

George F Trumper

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Trumpers new Eucris shaving soap in a handsome black wooden bowl.
The word is derived from the Eukharis of Classical Greek meaning of pleasing quality and elegant proportions.
Eucris shaving soap is distinctive with a discreet but memorable fragrance, a classic for the modern man.
Eucris, a classic both modern and traditional.
  • Soap refills available in this section.
  • Size: 80g
  • Made in England

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John B.
Geo F Trumper Eucris

I had tried the shaving cream tube which was also fantastic. I decided to give the Eucris shaving soap a try. The soap and bowl was fantastic. This soap provided a wonderful close shave. Easy to work into a lather, very slick, and left my face feeling soft and moisturized. So far the best soap I have tried beating out other premium options. This will be my go to shaving soap.

Stanley c.

Great job love it thanks will buy more you been great love the store

Thomas B.
Doesn’t require blooming

First shave, I added warm water to the bowl to bloom the soap. It turns out this wasn’t needed. Second shave, I just soaked the brush and loaded it. This was sufficient for 3 lathers even without blooming the soap. The lather was a good usable thickness after working it for only about 30 seconds. The scent lasts a couple of hours after shaving.

Erich Zimmerman
George F Trumper Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl Eucris

I received this as a Christmas gift and had a fantastic Christmas day shave with this soap. The scent is simply classy as is the bowl that the product comes in. It has a great creamy lather that gives good cushion and glide. If you want a great performer to add to your collection of soaps, I recommend that you give this a try. 12/25/2013

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