Dovo Manual Handheld Tension Screw Leather Paddle Razor Strop


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The DOVO manual handheld tension screw strop is suitable for polishing the cutting edges of blades like straight razors, kitchen, hunting and hobby knives. Both sides of the vegetable-tanned leather are untreated and open-pored for the absorption of grinding paste. The balm should be applied to the strop in a filmy layer and then polished with the heel of the hand or a cotton cloth.

The edge must only glide on the leather surface during the stropping but not stick to it. The leather must remain clean and undamaged. Fine metal splinters on the strop can  damage and or destroy the edge and point. In this case, the straight razor may need to be reground. Other knives can also be damaged if that same strop were to be used.

The tension mechanism is made of stainless steel and the vegetable-tanned leather are made in Solingen, Germany.


  • Usable leather area is 1.75in-45mm x 8.25in-21cm
  • Overall length with handle is 13.25-34cm
  • Weight: 6.3 oz-178g

Made in Germany


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