Art of Shaving Lavender Soap Refill

Art of Shaving

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For a traditional wet-shave experience, The Art of Shaving's Lavender Shaving Soap helps hydrate and soften beard hair for a close, comfortable shave. When used with a shaving brush and hot water, it produces a rich, foamy lather that protects the skin from irritation by improving razor glide and is formulated with a high concentration of glycerin, coconut acid and pure essential oils to leave your skin feeling smooth.  

Lavender: Our soothing Lavender Shaving Soap is made with Lavender essential oil sourced from Europe and the USA that meets the perfume standard for "French Lavender" - a criteria set to ensure consistency and an immediately recognizable lavender aroma. Herbaceous Lavender essential oil is known to promote relaxation and help support calm skin. 

 Refill Size: 3.3oz-95g


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