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The Alpha Claymore is an All Stainless Steel Single Edge razor. The Satin Claymore is fully machined in 316L stainless steel then the surface is lightly shot-peened to give a super velvet smooth finish that will not disappoint and will not flake or wear off.

The Claymore Evolution is fully machined in 316L stainless steel then the surface is hand polished to give a super shiny finish, making it as sexy as a razor can be!

The Claymore is easy to use. If you can use a safety razor you can use this razor. This razor will quickly become your daily driver!

The Claymore Evolution will deliver satisfying, close and comfortable shaves, is suitable for all beard and skin types and will help those who have issues with skin irritation. The blade is 25% wider than a standard DE blade and therefore less passes are required for a close shave. Less passes = less irritation.

Add a Stainless Steel Stand, Protective Leather Case, and Blades shown in the Drop Down Menu. Choose satin or Highly Polished from the drop-down menu.

This Razor uses the Feather Artist Club Professional  and Pro-Guard Blades.

The Claymore Evolution Razor can also use the Feather Soft-Guard Blades.

Approximate Specifications:

  • Weight: 4oz-114g
  • Length: 4in-100mm
  • Head width: 2in-50mm
  • Head Thread: 5mm

Handle Specs:

  • Handle Weight: 3.6oz-103g
  • Handle length: 3.73in-91mm
  • Handle diameter: 13mm

*The Claymore is NOT compatible with Feather Artist Club Light or Feather Artist Club Super Blades*

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chris B.
Phenomenal Single Edge Razor!

Picked this up from Shave Nation after seeing it on the manufacturer’s side. Whan an amazing piece. Great heft, comfortable to hold. Would highly recommend

Chris B.
Alpha Claymore Single Edge Razor

This is one terrific razor, and it is my first that uses the artist club style blades. Very ergonomic, great heft, absolutely beautiful pice in the polished stainless steel. Huge fan. My only critique is the fact that it did not ship in the manufacturer’s box nor did it have any paperwork/documentation. It came wrapped in plastic in two pieces inside of a small cardboard box inside of a larger cardboard box. After pointing this out on social media to see if other had this experience (to make sure it really was an authentic Alpha) I learned that Shave Nation often foregoes purchasing the boxes from the manufacturer in order to save money and shipping costs. While I don't have a big problem with this, I would have preferred to have had it come in the manufacturers box, two have been given the option to pay a few extra dollars to receive it in the manufacturers box, or at least to be told of how it would be shipped. It was a little surprising to have an almost $200 razor shipped this way. Like I said not a huge deal but it might've saved me a little bit of worry if I knew to expect to receive it that way. I'm a big fan of geofatboy’s podcast and appreciate all he does for the wet shaving community, so I certainly don’t begrudge him paying close attention to his bottom line and margins, but perhaps he could consider giving customers the option or making it clear on the ordering site regarding how it will ship.

Massimiliano W.
Gentle weapon

It is a very efficient as well built razor, with quality materials. A solid piece of steel, with tight tolerances. With a Feather pro-guard mounted on, it slides and severs through any type of stubble in an effortless fashion. Why 4 stars instead of 5 Because of the two sharp corners of the blade, which are not effectively covered by the base plate and the top cap. Manoeuvre with care.

Great Razor!

Really smooth shave with this one. I'd compare it to my Colonial General, but more smooth and maybe a very tiny bit more aggressive. Both razors are fun to shave with and on the very mild side. Very intuitive to shave with. Great razor! Would buy again!

milton b.

Great shaver, smooth and efficient

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