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The Alpha Claymore is an All Stainless Steel Single Edged razor. The Satin Claymore is fully machined in 316L stainless steel then the surface is lightly shot-peened to give a super velvet smooth finish that will not disappoint and will not flake or wear off.

The Highly Polished version is gleaming, shiny, and as sexy as a razor can be!

The Claymore is easy to use. If you can use a safety razor you can use this razor. This razor will quickly become your daily driver!

The Claymore Evolution will deliver satisfying, close and comfortable shaves, is suitable for all beard and skin types and will help those who have issues with skin irritation. The blade is 25% wider than a standard DE blade and therefore less passes are required for a close shave. Less passes = less irritation.

Add a Stainless Steel Stand, Protective Leather Case, and Blades shown in the Drop Down Menu. Choose satin or Highly Polished from the drop-down menu.

This Razor uses the Feather Artist Club Professional  and Pro-Guard Blades

Approximate Specifications:

  • Weight: 4oz-114g
  • Length: 4in-100mm
  • Head width: 2in-50mm
  • Head Thread: 5mm

Handle Specs:

  • Handle Weight: 3.6oz-103g
  • Handle length: 3.73in-91mm
  • Handle diameter: 13mm

*The Claymore is NOT compatible with Feather Light, Feather SoftGuard and Feather Super Blades*

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