Treet Black Carbon DE Blades 10Pk


$4.99 USD 

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Treet Black Carbon Steel Double Edge Blades provide a smooth, comfortable shave.
  • AKA Black Beauty Blades 
  • Unique Black Color Blades-Difficult to find
  • Suitable for all DE razors sold here.
  • 10Pk of carbon steel blades
  • Each blade is individually wax paper wrapped
  • "Black Out" your shave with these blades (especially if your razor is black)
  • Made in Pakistan


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Daniel B.
Treet carbon steels

Very smooth on the skin, but not the sharpest.

David H
Black Beauties

Attractive blades, and something to say about old school carbon steel. Excellent, and they come in 10 packs to boot.

Gary T.
Excellent everyday blade

I got a very nice shave from these blades. I was able to get four 3-pass shaves with each blade. Geo always has great products!

Michael W.
Treet Carbon Steel Blades are AWESOME!

Back in the day, safety razor blades were usually made of carbon steel, which takes and holds a good edge. The only problem was that being carbon steel, they were more prone to rust. When stainless steel blades were introduced, they ended up taking over the market. Although I count PolSilver Super Iridium, Gillette Bleue Extra, Voskhod, and Astra Superior Platinum among my favorite brands, the Treet black beauties are top of my list for go-to blades.

Why? They're carbon steel, of course! Now, if you're a one-and-done guy, rusting won't be an issue because you toss them after a single use. But I like to push mine to the end of its nominal lifespan (typically between 4 and 6 shaves), so I've learned a little trick to help extend the life of these blades. After using, pat them dry and then soak them in 91% rubbing alcohol while you clean up, dry out your brush, apply after-shave balm and lotion, etc. When done, simply remove the blade from the alcohol and hang it out to air dry.

I get great, irritation-free shaves with these every time. I highly recommend them!

ibrahim m.

Not a great shave. Got post shave iritation...will give it another go

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