Shark Super Half Blades 100ct

Shark Blades

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Shark Super Stainless Single Edge 1/2 Razor Blades for professional Straight Edge Barber razors.
Package with 100 individually wrapped blades per box, we sell this product to Barbershops for use in their straight edge barber razors that require 1/2 of a blade.
This is the genuine SHARK SUPER STAINLESS blade that is world renowned for being long lasting, exceptionally smooth and very sharp.
If you use a straight edge razor that accepts half a double edge blade, this professional product is for you.

There is no finer blade manufactured for straight edge razors/shavers.
  • 100 individually wrapped blades per box
  • For use in all standard straight/barber razors
  • Incredibly smooth, sharp and long lasting!
  • Splitting blades is a thing of the past with this product!
  • Professional Quality!

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