RK Shaving Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades - 5 Pack

RK Blades

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These stainless steel, double edge blades are specifically made to the dimensions of the Henson AL13. RK blades have an extremely high quality of manufacturing with consistent performance and sharpness that performs well when paired with the Henson AL13. Will also fit all other standard safety razors sold here. 

  • Fit all standard safety razors sold here
  • 1 Pack of 5
  • Individually wrapped for safety
  • Made in India


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ned Leonard

Eager to assure I'd have back-up brands to use when the Gillette Nacet and Gillette Silver Blue blades I prefer no longer are manufactured in Russia, I ordered four new to try -- Wilkinson Sword, Parker, Dorco,and these RK. My method is to try them first in the forgiving Merkur 34C. If they pass that test, the second use is in the Karve Christopher Bradley (C plate) which also is mild. If still in-favor, on to the Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 which ships with a Feather 5-pack, which were a bit too aggressive in this razor for my taste. These RK blades didn't make it past the Merkur. My face felt irritated all day afterward. Perhaps because I'd been forced to revisit more than my usual trouble spots to assure a smooth result. There is nothing to commend this brand in my admittedly limited experience.

Like Tony said . . .

I bought another pack of these to use with my AL13, figuring that after leaning how to shave they'd be better. Nope, a whole bunch of other blades are better IMHO. So far I like the Astra the best, Feather's are a bit "spicy".

Not too sharp

I wanted to try the RK blades in my Henson AL13 since they are now supplied with the new razors. I found them to be OK, but not as good as the Astra blades. I will try a second one before the remaining blades go in my last last resort box.

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