Parker Stainless Premium Platinum DE Blades 100ct

Parker Safety Razor

$17.99 USD 

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Parker Blades are honed to precise specifications before the edges are plated with a Platinum-Tungsten-Chromium Polymer. 

These blades are precisely honed on German made machinery. Only Swedish Steel manufactured by Sandvik, Sweden's premier steel manufacturer is used. A special Polymer plating process results in a premium razor blade that provides extremely smooth and comfortable shaves. It is an outstanding blade in all brands of safety razors.

  • Outstanding smoothness, comfort and longevity
  • A great performer in all brands of Double Edge Safety Razors
  • Handy storage slot on the back of the blade pack to store used blades
  • 20 packs of 5 blades per sleeve
  • 100 Blades Total
  • Made in Turkey
Will fit all modern double-edge safety razors: Dreadnought, Edwin Jagger, Feather, iKON, Muehle, Parker, Weishi etc.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ned L.
Should have tried them sooner.

Parker Stainless Premium Platinum DE blades are a welcomed addition for use in my Karve “Christopher Bradley” (C plate), Edwin Jagger “3ONE6,” and Merkur “34C.” In the Karve they replace Gillette “Nacet” and in the 3ONE6, Gillette “Silver Blue.”

Peter J.
Good blades

These blades are sharp, and last me 4-5 shaves easily. They're inexpensive too. I'll buy more when I run out, but that won't be for a while.

Brent M.
Quality and affordability

Blades seem to be either cheap and not very good, or very good and expensive, from my limited exposure to the trial packs. My new Parker razor came with blades which performed to my expectations. After pricing them I had to order some. They are exactly the same. And now I can rest easy knowing I have a supply of quality blades.

Burke R.
Good Blades

Well made and sharp, can not beat the price

Smooth blades

These really are my favorite blades. They work great for my sensitive skin, and I get 4 shaves per blade.

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