Thiers Issard Le Grelot 5/8 Blade Straight Razor Red & Black Stamina Handles


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Thiers Issard Le Grelot 5/8 Blade with Red & Black Stamina Handles. The 5/8 Round Point razor is the recommended and most popular size to get started on your straight razor shaving journey!

  • Singing hollowed razors professional range.

  • Forged from 100 % carbon steel.

  • 275 both sides satin polished

  • Round nose only

  • Round blade stabilizaters only for this series

  • Anti-slip jimps on lower side of the tang

  • Black mark in electro chemical on blade

  • Le Grelot Médaille d'or - Paris 1931™

  • Le Grelot Thiers-Issard France on tang

  • Black cardboard storage box marked Le Grelot™ by Thiers Issard

  • Instructions and warranty for each straight razor.

  • For occasional use, the blade should be covered with vaseline.

  • Thiers Issard razors are shave-ready from the factory. 

Always thoroughly dry our (Thiers Issard) razors after use and ensure that they are free from moisture (blade and handle) when storing them. Indeed, our (Thiers Issard) blades are made from 100 % carbon steel which is the best quality steel but does rust if not kept dry.


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