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New 2015
Finish your shave on a high note with this all natural, classic Bay Rum scented aftershave splash. Treat your face with cooling and soothing witch hazel, glycerin, cinnamon, clove, bay leaf and sweet orange oils.

To Apply:
Rinse face with cold water after shaving. Shake the bottle and pour a few drops into your cupped palm. Rub your hands together briskly and apply liberally to face and neck area.

  • Formulated with natural ingredients/no artificial dyes or fragrances
  • Soothes, moisturizes and tightens skin
  • Classic refreshing, spicy scent from Taconic’s artisan blend of essential oils
  • 4 oz. brown glass bottle with flow regulator.
Proudly crafted in the USA!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jason Presley
Not bad but not my style

I have had this for a few months now and still not my thing. First the good, I love the sent. It is not your typical bay rum, it is sweet like the taconic shave soap which I love. The not so great is while it does have a bit of a bite going on a freshly shaved face but not the feeling I have come to enjoy from other splashes. The big issue is the skin feel. After putting it on, it has a very oily feel on the face. Even if it's just a couple of minutes inside the house getting ready. My face feels like I have been working outside on a hot Midwestern day. The best I can describe the product on a whole is a cross between a splash and a balm but mostly balm. I would say if you like the feel of a balm and like the taconic shave soap sent this would be perfect for you. But if you prefer the fresh shave bite and silky smooth feel of other splashes (captains choice is a perfect example) this may not be right for you.

I will still use this from time to time just for the sent but will not be my go to like I had hoped it would be.

Also may be better as a cold dry weather aftershave so I will try it when it get really fridged here I'll keep ya posted on that.

Again thanks for a great site Geo!

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