Tabac Aftershave Eau De Cologne 100ml

Tabac Original

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Masculine and woodsy, the Tabac Original Eau de Cologne is a spicy splash with more than a hint of the 1950s. Reminiscent of barbershops, this classic fragrance dates back to 1959, when it was developed by the house of Maurer & Wirtz. Look for top notes of citrus, with more discreet hints of sandalwood, pine, vanilla, and tobacco.

Maurer & Wirtz is a German soap maker with roots dating back to 1845. Originally founded in Stolberg, they quickly expanded their offerings from soaps, and now offer a wide range of classic fragrances.

Made in Germany

  • Sturdy Bottle with Twist On Cap
  • Size: 3.4oz-100ml
Made in Germany

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