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You asked for it and we delivered. This is our famous Premium Blends aftershave with our insanely popular Whiskey Bar fragrance. Our cooling and healing aftershaves give you a good bite after each shave so that your skin is disinfected and clean ready for the day. It cleans and treats harmful razor burn and irritation fast and effectively. Helps fight against ingrown hairs and redness as well. With repeated use your face will look better and feel better. Make shaving pleasant again.

This aftershave works in multiple stages when applied. It first bites cleaning the skin and getting rid of any irritants. Then the menthol kicks in to cool the skin down and reduce redness from the razor. As the menthol evaporates the wonderful scent of the Whiskey Bar fragrance will begin to reveal itself.

Fragrance profile: Amazing. Prominent note of whiskey, cedarwood, lavender, jasmine and patchouli for a refreshing and masculine scent.

Directions: After each shave splash a little of this on your face. Allow the formula to do it’s thing, after the bite subsides the cooling menthol will take over and you’re all good!

  • Cleans and disinfects your face after a shave
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Long lasting scent
  • Works as a daily cologne as well


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Craig M.
Great sent

I really like the sent.

Ken B.
This is a great product!

I really like this aftershave. I shave my head as well and it’s a great product for using on your scalp after a shave. I don’t regret trying it out.

- Ken
Minneapolis, MN


Nice cooling feeling. Fragrance a little too much medicine scent for me.

Whiskey Scent

This fragrance is just like a simply whiskey with additional scents added to it so it does not smell like you walked into work from a trip to the bar at 9 a.m. Squarely masculine. The first time I used it the fragrance did not last that long (30-minutes) but the second time it lasted all day--which is both what I want and what I expect from an aftershave. It may be for my wants I simply have to use more of it to get the olfactory kick I want. I don't expect to bother people with my scent (like colognes do in humid South Florida) but I should still be able to smell it on myself by 5 p.m. because I enjoy that. If you compare this to Clubman's Whiskey Woods, this is more raw alcohol and less additional fragrances. I promise, it is very pleasant and a definite winner.

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