Suavecito Bay Rum After Bath Aftershave 16oz


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Feel and smell like you just stepped out of the barbershop with Suavecito Bay Rum After Bath. Formulated to refresh, soothe, and cool your skin after a close shave. Has a balanced old school scent that doesn't overpower. The unique aroma has origins in the 1800's Virgin Islands, and combines the health benefits of bay leaf oils with the rich scent of the island's rum, for an alluring 'come closer' smell.

Apply a splash of this aftershave post grooming and it improves skin's look and feel by closing pores and preventing bumps, redness, and other irritation caused by razors. The Suavecito Bay Rum After Bath also works as a disinfectant to encourage the healing process and leaves a refreshing, tingling sensation that lets you know it's working!

To Apply:

Shake a generous amount onto your palms, rub hands together to activate the ingredients, and apply to shaven area. Bring back the tradition! 

Large 16oz bottle with screw cap.

Made in USA


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