Shave Nation SN246 Open Comb Safety Razor with Blades

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Shave Nation SN246 3 Piece Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor. This will quickly become your new favorite razor! This razor features excellent balance and weight, and gives a close, quality shave. The Stainless Steel Sure-Grip Handle provides comfortable shaving. Safety razors come closest to replicating the amazing shaving experience of a straight razor used in a traditional barbershop.

The open comb head is expertly engineered and is finished with high quality chrome plating. Shave Nation is laser etched onto the head. Open comb razors provide a more aggressive shave than closed comb razors. The long checkered Stainless Steel handle is designed for ultimate comfort in the hand. You will be proud to pick this razor up and shave with it, and you will be supremely impressed with the result! 

Polished finish.

Includes one of each of the blades below so you can start shaving immediately and quickly find your favorite!

  • Astra
  • Shark
  • Derby
  • Feather
  • Gillette

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Weight: 3.7oz-105g
  • Overall Length: 4.2in-107mm


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
James Dennehy

Very nice razor. Prompt delivery
I am happy

Andrew M.
This one will exceed expectations.

I figured a "store branded" razor would be better than a big store or even shave company first or gentlest open comb razor because it would be built to appeal to enthusiasts. This one is definitely that- the handle length and knurling are great, it is absolutely heavy enough to let the razor do the work, and the open comb, blade angle, etc. are aggressive enough to let you feel the blade while still being very smooth. I tried the first shave with a used Wilkinson Sword blade and didn't get a single nick. Next I tried a new Feather blade and only really knicked my adam's apple(one of my usual problem areas). This one lets you feel the blade to avoid overdoing as opposed to some too smooth razors so you can do fewer passes or just refine your technique.


What a fantastic razor! One pass and I'm done.
As always, great prices and unsurpassed service.
Thanks Geo and team!

Jason C.
04/12/2022 Review

The SN 246 razor is now one of my favorites. It is aggressive enough to get rid of my beard fast l, and it also does such an amazing job that I no longer use my Muhle R41. The grip on the razor is also awesome. Such a good razor, I recommend for anyone who has a tough and corse beard, and for someone looking for an aggressive razor which is not a Muhle R41!

Richard A.
Loving the open comb

I'm still a newbie to using a safety razor and have been using the Merkur closed comb until this one. This is my first open comb and it's very different from any other razor I've used - you're very aware of the blade at all times.... There's a learning curve but I'm loving it. As for the razor, it's a 'good' quality razor -- I assume a private label of some sort but definitely gets the job done. Good value. I'll be shopping for a little higher end model at some point but this one is very good. Service and shipping from Shave Nation has been excellent.

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