Razorine FLATBOY Safety Razor


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Razorine FLATBOY is the 3 Piece safety razor that mounts the legendary Razorine head and the exclusive flat blade design that allows for gentle and deep shaves. The solid brass head is machined from solid brass with sophisticated CNC machines and has no welded parts. It is then finished with a triple hand polishing process. The handle, CNC turned, is made of 316L marine grade steel. Razorine FLATBOY is your safety razor destined to last a lifetime, to be handed down from father to son. Like all RAZORINE production, the FLATBOY series is proudly made entirely in Italy, with first choice Italian material.

The New Razorine FLATBOY Safety Razor. Get yours before it sells out. Available in 2 handle versions. Choose from the drop-down menu. Limited quantity available. 


  • CNC Machined
  • Brass Head-316L Stainless Steel Handle
  • Uses Standard Double Edge Blades Sold Here at Shave Nation
  • Made in Italy

Approximate Specifications 21970:

  • Overall Weight: 4oz-113g
  • Overall Length: 3.93in-100mm
  • Handle Diameter: 0.51in-13mm

Approximate Specifications 21972:

  • Overall Weight: 3.42oz-97g
  • Overall Length: 3.74in-95mm
  • Handle Diameter: 0.47in-12mm

Made in Italy

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