Razorine FLATBOY Safety Razor


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Razorine FLATBOY is the 3 Piece safety razor that mounts the legendary Razorine head and the exclusive flat blade design that allows for gentle and deep shaves. The solid brass head is machined from solid brass with sophisticated CNC machines and has no welded parts. It is then finished with a triple hand polishing process. The handle, CNC turned, is made of 316L marine grade steel. Razorine FLATBOY is your safety razor destined to last a lifetime, to be handed down from father to son. Like all RAZORINE production, the FLATBOY series is proudly made entirely in Italy, with first choice Italian material.

The New Razorine FLATBOY Safety Razor. Get yours before it sells out. Available in 2 handle versions. Choose from the drop-down menu. Limited quantity available. 


  • CNC Machined
  • Brass Head-316L Stainless Steel Handle
  • Uses Standard Double Edge Blades Sold Here at Shave Nation
  • Made in Italy

Approximate Specifications 21970:

  • Overall Weight: 4oz-113g
  • Overall Length: 3.93in-100mm
  • Handle Diameter: 0.51in-13mm

Approximate Specifications 21972:

  • Overall Weight: 3.42oz-97g
  • Overall Length: 3.74in-95mm
  • Handle Diameter: 0.47in-12mm

Made in Italy

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Alan H.
Italian beauty the Razorine Flatboy!

Unusual razor design but very comfortable and intuitive to use. Brass head very tactile, quickly patinates and holds a DE blade easily. My recommendation is for an Astra blade for a comfortable shave.

Bill Duke
21970 Bad Finish on handle

Let me first say this review is nothing against Shave Nation have had nothing but the best service. My concern is for future buyers of this razor, received mine today. After inspecting the handle I found the finish could be better, very sharp edges, small pieces of medal coming off. I hope this is the only one like this would hate for someone to get injured.
In closing my advice to future buyers of this razor #21970 be careful.

Laurent F.
Change of Previous Review Necessary

A defect in the design of the head causes the blade to bow once the handle has been affixed to it. Also, the handle needs it's grip pattern raised--not flush with the rest of the handle's cylinder--to improve the grip once the handle becomes wet. In addition, once the blade has been installed, the rectangular area where the blade's edge is shown needs 3 supporting segments to keep the blade secure (no bending) during use. And, finally,...

This shaver, in my opinion, is for people with either thick/rough skin or for anyone who wishes to have a separate shaver just for their sideburns. For everyone else, use the Rockwell 6S.

Oh, and instead of shaving cream, I use shaving oil that I make myself. It dries at a much slower rate than shaving cream and you need less water to remedy the situation to bring you back to shaving again.

Forkllift Steve
Great razor!

I love this razor. With a Feather blade 2 passes works great. Good weight and balance. This has become my go-to razor.

John M.
Great Buy

Shave Nation is very easy to work with when making any purchases. Their web pages are very self-explanatory. I had no trouble placing my order and it was shipped promptly. I have done business with them in the past and found it an enjoyable experience.

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