Proraso Large Shaving Cream Tube for PROFESSIONAL Use 500ml Tube


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Proraso PROFESSIONAL SIZE Shaving Cream LARGE 500ml Tube Made with a "hot soap process" it's left to mature for 3 days. This produces an extremely fine, thick, and creamy soap that, with the aid of a brush, produces a soft and rich lather.

Features: Combining properties of Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol, the formula is designed to unit excellent smoothness with toning and a pleasant cooling effect.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Dampen your Proraso brush with hot water. Squeeze about 2cm of soap between the bristles of the brush and massage onto the face using circular movements. In a few moments, the soap turns into a creamy and compact lather that will soften all kinds of beards, making shaving a pleasant daily activity.

  • Large Long Lasting Tube
  • No parabens, No silicons, No pore-clogging mineral oils
  • Made in Italy



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