Proraso Aftershave Lotion Refresh-Green


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Proraso Aftershave Lotion is traditionally formulated from a selection of fresh, natural ingredients to make it particularly cooling and toning.
Added witch hazel reduces rashes and razor burn.
A pleasant, soothing finish to the shaving ritual.

*EUCALYPTUS OIL: toning, purifying effect
*MENTHOL: refreshes and revitalizes
*BEARD TYPE: For every kind of beard and normal skin

*No Parabens
*No Silicons
*No Mineral Oils
Imported from Italy
*3.4 oz / 100ml Bottle Glass Jar with Screw Cap

To Apply:
*Rinse face with cold water
*Pat or allow to air dry
*Shake bottle to mix ingredients thoroughly
*Remove cap

Method 1: (my personal favorite): Perform the Flip, Drip, Flip Method of dispensing: Place your palm over the opening, flip the bottle upside down, then flip the bottle right side up, and the liquid that pours out is usually the right amount every time.

Method 2: Place finger or thumb over opening and sprinkle a few droplets into your palm.

*Rub product together in palms
*Apply to freshly shaved dry face
*Allow to air dry

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