Parker 56R Three Piece Safety Razor

Parker Safety Razor

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The Parker 56R heavyweight safety razor is a new 3-piece razor is crafted with a handsome finish and provides a luxuriously close and comfortable shave. It has an aggressive textured handle, a nice heft and a wonderful balance. This is an excellent razor for new and experienced wet shavers.

Available in Graphite and Rosegold. Choose from the Dropdown Menu.

  • Razor Type: Three-Piece Closed Comb Safety Razor
  • Weight: 3.4oz-110g
  • Length: 4.3in-110mm
  • Material: Solid Brass frame with textured electroplated finish

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Doyle Boykin
Parker 56 R

A well made razor! Looks great (dark grey & chrome), has a nice heft, good balance, great knurling (won't slip in wet hands). Good glide, not too aggressive but had good audible feedback. I like it; I tend to use its twin brother the Parker Semit Slant more (it's more efficient and glides easier) but this is a very close second. This will be my travel razor; I can easily recommend it!

I love Shave Nation, they ship things out quickly, have fair pricing and great videos. I appreciate the service Geo and team!

Doyle B.
Paker 56R - Well Made

Well made (looks marvelous), nice heft and knurling, won't easily slip out of wet hands. I love the long handle, that makes it much easier to use. Not much pressure needed on face due to razor weight, just set it and let it glide. Less aggressive than my Parker semi-slant (which is my all time favorite), but this is a close second. This will be my travel razor.

Robert D.
My new favorite Razor!

This is an exceptional Razor. The Parker 56r is not aggressive and yet I get a really close and comfortable shave! This razor just glides so well! I use Rapira SuperSteel blades and let me tell you I get a close shave! The shave head is very easy to clean out under running water. The handle is solid and has a very firm grip, the chrome plating is perfect and overall this razor is a delight to use.

My new favorite Razor!

I own several Parker saftey razors. I currently have the Variant, Semi Slant and 74r. I bought this 56r because well I obviously have a collective personality lol. Anyways I bought the 56r in graphite. It looks great with the Graphite handle and chrome accents and head. The three peace design is my favorite since it keeps parts count down to a minimum and it's very easy to maintain. The base plate is super easy to wash out during use, the handle has knurling on it like most newer Parkers do. This means you can't possibly drop this Razor with wet hands unless your fingers are made of glass. The weight and balance is perfect for me (this is my new favorite Razor) the best part is how nicely this Razor glides! It's so smooth! I used it with a Rapira Supersteel blade and wow it was such a nice shave! I also used the Parker Shaving soap since Shave Nation Carey's it. I figured why not, that soap BTW works pretty nicely.

So the 56r is a nice mild Razor, it's very easy to use. My 74r and Semi Slant are both more aggressive Razors which some people complain about. The 74r I got used to in a few shaves, get the technique down and it'll perform really well. The Semi Slant takes some getting used to. It's aggressive but doesn't feel like it, the Variant I also really like it's a bit heavier then the 56r is, the adjustability that the variant has is very nice.

Getting back to the 56r its a great razor. You can just pick it up and use it. For me there wasn't any learning curve.

Jess E.
The awesome look and price of the Parker 56R cannot be beat.

I was looking to replace my EJ89, but this razor is about $15 less and I believe it looks and stands out better.

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