Parker Open Comb Safety Razor 26C

Parker Safety Razor

$29.00 USD 

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The 3 Piece head of this razor is engineered to provide an extremely smooth shave without being overly aggressive. We recommend this razor for both beginners and experienced wet shavers alike. The open comb design stretches the skin, delivering a very close shave. Paired with a great razor blade, you will get a barbershop shave at home!

  • Razor type: Three-Piece Safety Razor, Open Comb Head
  • Handle material: Genuine Brass Frame - Black Anodized
  • Includes a 5 pack of Parker Blades

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Weight: 3.4oz-96g
  • Length: 3.75in-95mm


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael W.
Great Razor

I was looking for a more aggressive razor than what I use, EJ DE89, vintage Gillettes. I received the razor in the mail yesterday, and shaved with it today using Lather & Wood Sandlewood shave cream. I am very surprised for a open comb razor how mild it is. To get a more aggressive shave is to find the sweet spot being at holding the razor at about 40 degrees. It glid right through the cream like going through butter. I traditionally do about 4 passes on my face, and got a baby a$$ smooth shave. Very pleased with it. Has a nice heft in my large hands. Now I might go a step up for another open comb razor. Big thanks to GeoFatboy for his awesome service, and fast shipping. 5 Stars👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Brian G
Parker 26C

This is a really great razor! Excellent feel and a really close shave. Well worth the price!

David P.
Great razor.

Great razor. You should buy one. You won’t regret it.

Trampas Roth
Parker 26c open comb safety razor

Ordered this razor almost 3 months ago. Shaving 2-3 times per week. I think this a very nice razor for the price. It gets the job done just fine for me. Sure, there are very minor imperfections but doesn't alter the function, only cosmetic. Overall, I am happy with this razor.

Marc Fuentes
Closest shave I have ever experienced

I really liked this razor. Was a little nervous about the open comb but just took my time and follow Geo's shaving advise....prep, passes techniques and after shave care. MAN! I'M REALLY GOING TO ENJOY MY SHAVING! I look forward to them now, my beard can't grow fast enough.

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