Parker Open Comb Safety Razor 24C

Parker Safety Razor

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Introducing the Parker 24C 3 Piece Open Comb Safety Razor: The perfect tool for getting that close shave you've been craving! With a gleaming chrome finish, this open comb safety razor has the looks to match its performance. Ready to take your grooming game to the next level? Paired with a Parker razor blade, you will get a barbershop shave at home! Get ready for a smooth and comfortable shave with the Parker 24C!

  • Razor type: Three-Piece Safety Razor - Open Comb Head
  • Handle Material: Genuine Brass Frame - Chrome Plated
  • Precise Diagonal Knurling on Handle Provides Superior Grip!
  • Includes a 5 Pack of Parker Premium Platinum Blades

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Weight: 3.7oz-104g
  • Length: 4.1in-105mm


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