Ogallala Bay Rum Limes & Peppercorns Aftershave 4oz

Ogallala Bay Rum

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This Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Limes & Peppercorns product has a bold, refreshing fragrance ... This is likely the Most Famous Bay Rum aftershave out there!
The cologne comes with an additional label on the tag that reads: "Warning! Contents are potent. Not for sissies!"
Comes with a card that reads: From 1870-1885 Ogallala was the destination of countless cowboys driving cattle north from Texas to the railhead. Remember never judge a cologne (any of em ... not just ours) by the way it smells in the bottle. There are variables involved. How it smells on YOU after a little while is one of em.
  • Excellent skin-toning aftershave splash
  • Classic Bay-Rum scent
  • An excellent finish to your shave
  • Striking cobalt blue glass bottle with screw cap
  • 4oz size

Shake well before using.

Proudly Made in the USA


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Scott T.
Great scent

Aftershave smells and feels great. Delivered in a timely and safe manner!

Zachariah J.
Respectable Performance

Aftershave has to plenty of burn for those who crave it. A touch harsh if you have naturally drier skin. Slightly unrefined skin feel, but respectable performance.
The scent a is very nice balance of clean and spicy, classic with a slightly modern and clean twist. As the name would suggest, it is firmly rooted in bay rum. The lime and peppercorn accord blend very nicely with the bay. The scent does have a more clean and green shade that make me think it may be possibly more universal.

Limes & Peppercorn

I first tried this in a Ogallala sample pack and it was one of my favorites in the set. Both the limes and peppercorn are prominent in the fragrance. My only wish is that it was alcohol-based and not witch hazel-based because I prefer my skin to burn. Regardless, I will continue to use it because I love lime and it is a very clean scent.

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