NEW! Boker Master Cutter Damast Straight Razor 8/8 Blade


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 NEW! Boker Master Cutter Damast Straight Razor with 8/8 Blade

While forged razors and the classic wet shave are experiencing a renaissance, genuine broadswords are still rare. For the first time in decades, perhaps even centuries, 8/8 inch wide razors are back in the Böker range of razors.

A long-cherished wish has finally come true with the Boker Master Cutter Damascus: an 8/8 inch wide dream made of damascus. Even though a lot of time has passed until the forging of the first blank, the efforts have been worthwhile. The mighty blade with serration (file jimps) on both sides is equipped with a Barber's Notch and is of course sharpened extra hollow with ridge on complex tone. The bulbous handle made of Desert Ironwood is, unlike all the other razors in our range, not classically riveted, but rather screwed together decoratively. Desert Ironwood is relatively heavy, very hard and extremely tenacious. Because of these characteristics it is difficult to work with, but at the same time it is also particularly durable and weatherproof, which makes it an ideal material for razor handles. To match the Barber's Notch of the blade, the handle has a recess towards the tip of the blade. This allows a clear view of the decorative intermediate piece, which is also made of damascus in this extraordinary model. With authentic Boker  laser engraving in the blade passage, certificate of authenticity and elegant floating display. Handmade in the Boker knife manufactory Solingen.

8/8 Blades are very rare, one of these would be a fine acquisition to your razor collection. Shave with it, or place it in a glass case and admire it!

  • Boker
  • 8/8
  • Damascus
  • Grind: Extra Hollow
  • Desert Ironwood
  • Barber's Notch
  • Solingen, Germany
  • Brown
  • Uncoated



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