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Myrsol's refreshing after shaves, known for their curiously-shaped bottles, are highly regarded in Spain and leave your skin feeling toned and invigorated. The old-style glass bottle provides better grip and carries an aftershave that emits a strong masculine scent that compliments every shave. Choose your preferred scent from the Drop-Down Menu.

Product of Spain

  • Antesol 180ml: Provides a traditional formula that helps to promote the regeneration of skin cells.
  • Blue EDC 235ml: Is inspired by fresh and intimate aromas that remind us of clean white cotton. This is accompanied by subtle sweet touches.
  • Classic Blue 180ml: Carries touches of menthol to create an authentic scent and an overall exceptional product for skin by revitalizing and tightening.
  • Classic Lemon 180ml: Regenerating the natural acid epidermis layer of the skin and the skin in general. 
  • Don Miguel 1919 180ml: Aroma with indefinable and persistent charm. It gives off a floral perfume, sweet and intoxicating.
  • Don Carlos 1972 235ml: Eau de Cologne with this fragrance with an exquisite and elegant perfume. Menthol and citric acid extracts that will bring us freshness.
  • Emulsion Pre-Post 180ml: Braces the skin for a shave and nourishes/repairs it post-shave.
  • F Extra 180ml: It soothes and regenerates the skin providing a pleasant and intense cooling sensation after shaving. It has an intense and long-lasting fragrance.
  • Formula C 180ml: Myrsol's Formula C Aftershave is very popular for its invigorating lilac aroma. This edition from Myrsol's signature line is an alcohol-based concoction that tightens skin made with Lila’s aroma and subtle hints of mint for a refreshing kick. 
  • Formula K 180ml: A refreshing tonic designed to soften the skin with every use.
  • Metilsol 180ml: Astringent, refreshing and great for after shaving. Bracing formula with a snappy finish
  • Plastic Shave 180ml: Myrsol's Cadillac Aftershave. Increases the skin's elasticity and nourishes damaged skin back to health.

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