Muhle RYTMO Petrol Blue 4 Pc Closed Comb Safety Razor Set


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Muhle RYTMO Petrol Blue 4 Pc Safety Razor Set

The Material

Made from high-grade resin, this RYTMO set delivers on both durability and beauty. Presented in petrol blue with chrome metal highlights, the process of creating this set begins with each handle being turned out of solid resin rods. All individual pieces are then polished in several passes, giving the surface its characteristic gleam and securing its beauty for many years to come.

Pure Badger

Recognizable by its relatively dark coloring, Pure Badger represents the basic quality among natural hair types. Recommended for those who desire a stronger massage effect, Pure Badger hairs are somewhat thicker but still maintain their characteristic flexibility and softness. Manufactured mechanically according to the same high standards applied to all MÜHLE products.

The Razor

A real investment piece, this 3 Piece razor supersedes the need for single-use plastic. Growing concern in the effects of disposable plastic makes this a great choice for the environmentally conscious, reducing both unnecessary plastic waste and unwelcome environmental impacts, without compromising on precision. Uses all safety razor blades sold here.

3-piece shaving set including:

  • Pure Badger Shaving Brush
  • Closed Comb Safety Razor
  • Chrome-plated Metal Stand
  • Chrome-plated Soap Dish


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