Muhle Rocca R94 Pure Matte Stainless Steel Closed Comb Safety Razor


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The Stunning R94 Matte Safety Razor is part of Muhle’s stainless steel Rocca range and features a stunning black handle. The razor has a closed comb head but offers a more efficient shave than that given by Muhle’s regular closed comb DE safety razor head that is used on the popular R89. The satin or slightly matte finish not only feels good in your hand, but is also pleasing to the eye and creates an elegant effect.

  • Satin Matte safety razor head and handle
  • Closed comb head-3 piece design
  • Razor weight: 80g-2.8oz
  • Length: 105mm-4.13in
  • Stainless steel safety razor with classic blade

Made in Germany


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