Muhle R41GS Stainless Steel Safety Razor Open Comb


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Just when you thought it couldn't get any better! An enlarged version of the classic R41, the R41GS  2 Piece safety Razor will be favoured by those who prefer a slightly heavier model with larger gripping handle. Muhle R41GS Stainless Steel Safety Razor Open Comb. Extremely long lasting and corrosion-resistant, the MÜHLE R41 GRANDE in stainless steel provides incomparable quality and longevity. A premium product that produces a distinctly close and lasting shave. Traditional Stainless Steel

Unlike modern blade systems, the R41GS foregoes plastic mechanisms. Growing concern in the effects of disposable plastic makes the R41GS a great choice for the environmentally conscious, reducing both plastic waste and unwelcome environmental impacts, without compromising on precision.

The safety razor with open tooth comb was developed specifically for experienced wet shavers, allowing for a vigorous, direct shaving technique. The blade is less likely to become clogged by stubble and residues so is generally preferred by men with denser, stronger beard growth.

Blades are easily replaced by unscrewing the head of the Safety Razor. Replacement blades can be purchased here. We recommend stainless Steel (rust-proof) DE blades such as Feather or Kai which are the perfect match for this timeless razor.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Length: 4.2in-106mm
  • Head: 1.6in-42.3mm
  • Razor Head Weight: 1.20z-35g
  • Handle Weight: 2.7oz-78g
  • Total Weight: 4oz-113g

Geofatboy's AGGGRESSION RATING™ FOR THE R41 IS (9) ON A SCALE OF 1-10 with 10 Being the most aggressive. *Note: DE Blade used with the razor can increase or decrease the aggressiveness of the shave. YMMV (your mileage may vary)


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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I love it it’s so beautiful


I have a Muhle R41 Grand, and it is a good razor. I wanted to get the R41 GS. It is slightly heaver than the R41 Grand. It seems to be slightly milder too. The R41GS requires more care than milder razors. That being said, I wouldn’t give it to a beginning safety razor shaver. In that case, I would recommend the Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Stainless Steel razor. I’ve used all the mentioned razors myself and that’s my opinion.

Pedro M.
A Beast 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

one of my favorite shavers. You just have to be gentle with it and you will have the best shave of your life. Amazing!!!

Reza B.
Great but not for the price

Great Razor. My favorite for an aggressive razor. The head is great. The handle is not. Slippery. Will need to buy an alpha handle or something like that. It is not worth $174 for just a stainless steel head. If it was cheaper and you could buy the head my itself then I would recommend.

Colin C.
Precision Muhle R41GS shave

I wouldn't recommend this razor for those who are unfamiliar with the R41. However, if you are familiar with it, like me, who has used the R41 for at least a decade to get my technique perfected for my beard, I highly recommend this stainless steel version. In addition to the much appreciated increased weight, I felt it was more "precise" as it mowed my beard efficiently.

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