Merkur 41C-1906 Safety Razor Open Comb


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The Merkur Classic 1906 Safety Razor with Open Comb Bar is an excellent razor for an experienced shaver.
Beautiful, vintage design is a replica of a 1906 design but has been completely updated.
Features a non-slip, etched handle with six sides to provide excellent grip and balance.
Handcrafted handsome design will offer you years of superior shaves.
Nickel-plated finish.

This Merkur Classic 1906 Safety Razor comes with a bar type called Open Comb which is a small bar that resembles a comb with teeth.
This comb pattern is considered best for heavy and coarse beards and more experienced shavers.
It is generally recommended that beginners start with a Safety Razor with a Closed Comb Bar which is a smooth bar without indentations and considered less aggressive for shaving.

  • Uses all standard double edge razor blades
  • Comes with one stainless steel Merkur razor blade

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Weight: 2.5oz-70g
  • Length: 3.14in-80mm


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