Merkur 30B Black & Chrome Flat Bar Safety Razor


$42.00 USD 

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The Merkur 30B 3 Piece Safety Razor is designed with black anodized aluminum and bright chrome. This safety razor impresses with its elegant appearance. The head of this safety razor is manufactured using the zinc die-casting process. With its closed comb and large blade gap, it is gentle to shave with and easy to use. This razor has a stylish look and natural feel that makes it comfortable when held. The galvanic coating protects it from corrosion and completes the design. 

  • Features the classic Merkur closed comb head
  • Chrome and Black knurled handle with a secure grip and feel
  • Merkur logo inscribed into the bottom of the handle
  • Includes one Merkur Super Platinum Blade
  • Made in Solingen, Germany

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Weight: 2.1oz-56g
  • Length: 3.3in-84mm

Manufactured by Merkur - Germany


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