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Geo. F. Trumper Extract of Limes Skin Food is a light, everyday, non-greasy lotion to soothe and nourish skin before or after shaving. Helps skin look better and healthy. Subtle but zesty, exhilarating scents of tangy, tropical limes from the West Indies. Non-breakable plastic bottle. Perfect for normal to oily skin.

*Use as a Pre Shave - Apply before shaving underneath your shaving cream to protect the skin and help the razor easily glide without irritation and nicks. Youll get a very comfortable smooth shave.
*Use as an Aftershave - Helps heal and sterilize the skin after shaving. Softens, soothes and moisturizes.

Helps protect newly shaved, tender skin from the drying effects of the elements. Geo. F. Trumper is known throughout the world for its outstanding mens shaving creams, colognes, and grooming products. Using the finest ingredients, their products are developed to the highest standards attracting an incredibly loyal base of very satisfied and repeat customers. Based in London for more than 125 years, everything is still made by hand to maintain the quality and exclusiveness that is Geo. F. Trumper's hallmark.

Available in 100ml and 200ml Sizes. Choose from the Drop Down Menu.

  • 100ml plastic bottle with screw cap
  • Imported from the UK

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