The Goodfellas Smile Valynor Closed Comb Safety Razor

The Goodfellas Smile

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The Goodfellas Smile Valynor 3 Piece Safety Razor looks like it should be in a museum! It is both functional and magnificent looking.

Entirely designed and developed in Italy, the Valynor safety razor is the latest creation by The Goodfellas’ smile. This extraordinary razor combines elegance and quality in detail, with a fantasy-inspired design. The handle is made from silver anodized aluminum, while the head and the base are machine-polished, uncoated brass.

The Valynor razor is a unique product, where details of light, shadows, and contrasts merge to delight the eye. However, the real magic reveals itself during shaving. Made up of 4 detachable parts (base, handle, plate, and cap), the Valynor razor provides a gentle yet effective shaving experience, thanks to its neutral Gap of 0.8 mm.

The head of the Valynor razor is flat, making it ideal for the mustache area as well. The four corners of the plate are rounded for a perfect feeling on the skin. The grooves are wide, allowing optimal expulsion of the cut hair. 

Specs and Approximate Dimensions:

  • Material: Brass and Aluminum
  • Color: Silver and Gold
  • Handle length: 3.34in-85mm
  • Overall length: 3.62in-92mm
  • Head Thickness: 7mm
  • Neutral Blade Gap: 0.8mm
  • Weight: 2.75oz-78g

All Goodfellas CNC razors are made in compliance with the UNI EN-ISO 22768mK standard

    Designed and crafted in Italy


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Jack Katzman
    Beauty & Function

    I've been buying from Geo for years and he's the best when it comes to shave videos. I saw him shave with this razor and it really caught my eye. I am a sucker for great looking things so this was a must have. Not only does it look great, it also gives a very smooth comfortable shave. Great weight and grip. I clean my razors after each use and this requires an extra step but nothing radical

    Greg M.
    Awesome Shave

    I purchased this razor after watching Geo introduce it in the first video. Just the design alone made me want to put this in my collection. As Geo stated, the razor looks like it belongs in a museum. I have never seen anything like it.
    Today I actually did a shave with it and was blown away. It fits nicely in the hand and provides a beautiful close shave. Easy to control , light in the hand for a smooth controlled shave. If you’re looking for a razor that breaks the design mold of every other double edge razor out there, this is the one to get.

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