Fine Superlite Slant Bar Safety Razor with Astra Blades


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NEW! Experience the Magic of the Fine Superlite Slant Bar Double Edge Safety Razor!

The Specialized design of the Fine Superlite Slant Razor precisely torques your favorite blades to present a slanted, and especially taut blade edge to your whiskers. This results in a highly efficient cutting action which remains comfortable and easily managed with the tough, but light-weight handle. 

Includes a Free 5 Pack of Astra Superior Platinum DE Blades (Green Pkg)-Only at Shave Nation Shaving Supplies®

  • Three Piece Razor 
  • ABS Construction with UV Hardened Metallic Coating.
  • Weight: 15 grams
  • Height: 82 millimeters
  • Metal m5x.8 Screw and Threaded Insert (will fit most handles)
  • Made in China

Shave Nation Item Number: SN1959

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