Fine Accoutrements Snake Bite Aftershave


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With 2.5x the menthol of our regular formula, and no fragrance oils, Snake Bite is not for the weak of heart.
You'll smell and feel the menthol for a full half hour after application

Fine Premium fragrances are sophisticated but entirely masculine, and evoke an unmistakable barbershop quality.
The short ingredient list ensures an ultra-light face feel, followed by a refreshing and skin toning dry-down, which leaves no slick or tacky residue. Then, at the finish, a perfectly measured cooling sensation brings the experience together in a way that delightfully exceeds the sum of its parts.

  • Renowned Four Ingredient Formulation
  • Premium Fragrances with a Barbershop Feel
  • Handsome 100ml/3.3oz Glass Bottle
  • Convenient Flow Restricting Insert
  • Available in Seven Distinct Scent
Great for Summer Use!
Made in USA

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