Feather F3 Cartridge Razor


$14.99 USD 

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Innovative and Comfortable. With the cushioning function from the suspension mounted in the head, even when pressing the blade against the skin, the force is transmitted without undue pressure to achieve a gentle touch to the skin and close contact. A “swing function” is implemented in which the blade moves back and forth as well as left and right. The blade maintains a fixed angle to fit all curves of face such as the cheek, the chin and under the nose. This prevents to leave unshaved spots.

The suspension is mounted on each of the blades. As the 3 blades move individually, they delicately shave along the contour and catch only the beard. This achieves a comfortable shave without undue pressure on the skin. “F3” was developed with sheer persistence and sure technology by the established brand, FEATHER, which boasts the top market share in the barber industry in Japan. The razor and the blades are all made in Japan.

“F3” is 100% made in Japan from the blade to the grip. While focusing on performance and quality, we manage to offer it at a reasonable price.

Note: F3 Razors and cartridges are not compatible with Gillette Mach 3 razors.

  • Innovative 3 D pivoting head allows the razor to move smoothly over the contour of the face.
  • Wavy Guard reduces pressure on the skin
  • Suspension on each blade to ride smoothly over the skin
  • SiC Ceramic coating technology offers durability and comfortable shave
  • Reduces irritation and razor burns
  • Includes 1) Razor and 2) F3 Blades

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